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Biodiversity Research Laboratory

The Biodiversity Research Laboratory was set up by the late Dr. Perry S. Ong to answer a very simple question:


Are we succeeding in conserving Philippine biodiversity?

To achieve this objective, we conduct long-term ecological research that seeks to understand biodiversity at various scales, from genes to ecosystems.


Biodiversity Assessment and Monitoring

We conduct comprehensive assessment and monitoring of terrestrial fauna and flora using standardized methodologies.

Tropical Forest Dynamics and the Response of Wildlife

We study how Philippine forests change through disturbance and succession over time, and how different groups of wildlife respond to these changes.

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Biology, Ecology, and Taxonomy of Philippine Biodiversity

We study the biology, ecology, and taxonomy of native biodiversity, such as Rafflesia consueloae, Philippine Tarsiers, the Philippine Eagle, cloud rats, and bats.

Conservation and Management of Philippine Wildlife

We develop conservation and management plans for different species of wildlife and their habitats based on the results of our biodiversity studies.




Contact Us

Institute of Biology, National Science Complex, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City

(02) 8981 8500 local 3738

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