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Jose Vera Santos Memorial Herbarium

The Jose Vera Santos Memorial Herbarium (PUH) houses over 20,000 plant specimens collected as early as 1902. The PUH offers guided tours upon advanced request, and plant identification services for Php150 per specimen.

Vertebrate Museum

The Institute of Biology's Vertebrate Museum houses almost 1,300 skin specimens of terrestrial vertebrates collected from the 1950s to the 1980s. Another set of specimens, numbering into thousands, have been collected since the 1990s, and are currently being catalogued. The Vertebrate Museum offers guided tours upon advanced request.

UP Biology - EDC BINHI Threatened Species Arboretum

The Threatened Species Arboretum, inaugurated in December 2014, spans a hectare that contains around 70 species of threatened endemic trees. The Arboretum functions as a living laboratory - educating visitors about our rich biodiversity while also serving as a gene and seedling bank for threatened plants. Guided tours of the Arboretum are available upon advanced request.

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