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BRL launches Wildlife Treasures, celebrates Philippine biodiversity and the life of Dr. Perry S. Ong

Over the last ten years, the Biodiversity Research Laboratory (BRL) of the Institute of Biology, University of the Philippines Diliman (UP IB) and the Energy Development Corporation (EDC) have worked hand in hand to explore and understand the biodiversity around the five geothermal reservations managed by EDC. Led by the late Dr. Perry S. Ong, former Dean of the College of Science and former Director of the Institute of Biology, biodiversity assessment and monitoring have been conducted in these areas, with the aim of understanding the state of their biodiversity and using this knowledge to contribute to conservation.

On January 29, 2020 at the Institute of Biology Auditorium, BRL will be launching one of the products of this decade of partnership, the book Wildlife Treasures, a collection of the natural wealth unearthed thus far. The book shares important facts and curious details about Philippine wildlife, alongside fleeting moments immortalized in timeless shots, allowing us a striking glimpse into the lives of these creatures in the wild. Because the book is one of the last projects of Dr. Ong before he passed away in 2019, the launch will also serve as a tribute to him and his legacy.

The book launch will be attended by partners of both UP IB and EDC from the academe, private sector, and the government, as well as the family of Dr. Ong.

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