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BRL partners with Lawyers for Doctors PH to help frontliners

Lawyers for Doctors Philippines is a group of lawyers coordinating efforts to assist our frontliners as they deal with COVID-19 in Metro Manila. They are in contact with several hospitals across the metro to identify the needs of our healthcare providers and their COVID-19 patients. Among the needs they’ve identified was for Aerosol Boxes.

Many COVID-19 patients develop respiratory failure that requires endotracheal intubation to assist with breathing. Because COVID-19 can be transmitted via droplets and aerosol, our healthcare providers are at high risk of contracting the virus during this process. Because of shortages of proper gear for intubation, Dr. Hsien Yung Lai, a Taiwanese anesthesiologist, designed the Aerosol Box, which allows our healthcare workers to perform intubation while being shielded from patients’ airways.

Our group of researchers from the Biodiversity Research Laboratory has been in contact with Lawyers for Doctors Philippines, to provide assistance in the fabrication of these Aerosol Boxes. We have already identified and coordinated with a manufacturer that can produce the boxes at Php 1,888 per unit.

We are thus asking for financial assistance to produce Aerosol Boxes, to be distributed to different hospitals which have requested them with the help of Lawyers for Doctors Philippines. You can send in your donations by depositing to the following bank accounts:

Landbank 3076 091 462 Renz Angelo Duco

BPI 5246 176 215 Janine Tolod

GCash 0917 503 7117 Lystra Dayapera

PayMaya 0927 768 3890 Jay Fidelino


(Instapay fees for bank transfers are waived during the quarantine!)

We would also like to request donors, if you are willing, to add in the Notes section your name and email address so that we can send acknowledgement receipts for your donations. Rest assured that we will be transparent in how these funds will be handled. If you have inquiries or other concerns, please feel free to contact Ms. Lystra Dayapera (0927 545 0411 or

Please continue sharing this post to everyone who might be able to help! Thank you for your generosity! #reliefPH #COVID19PH

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